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401(a) Plan

The 401(a) plan is designed to provide tax advantages to non-LAGERS employees through mandatory .7% pre-tax contributions, lowering your taxable income. This allows those employees to set aside additional money for retirement.

Please remember to double check to make sure contributions to Empower Retirement have been deposited to the correct account: CERF 401(a) Plan (#98993-02) for .7% contributions and the CERF match.

Retirement Planning Made Easier

The CERF 401(a) Retirement Plan is a powerful tool to help employees reach their retirement dreams. A new feature was recently added to the CERF plans to make preparing for retirement a little easier. Reality Investing is a tool that offers different retirement planning strategies for different types of investors.

Some people like to take a “hands on” approach when it comes to investing for their future. Others would prefer to leave the investment decisions to the professionals. Whatever your style, Reality Investing offers tools that can help you.

For more information on the CERF 401(a) Savings Plans and/or Reality Investing, contact our Empower Retirement CERF Savings Plan Representative, Robert Eastburn, at 1-877-895-1394, ext.120.

CERF Savings Plan